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Schulman, Lopez, & Hoffer, LLP

Schulman, Lopez, & Hoffer, LLP

We have exciting news – the firm has now joined Schulman, Lopez, & Hoffer, LLP, a firm whose entire practice is dedicated to representing schools.  The Higgins Law Firm’s New Orleans office will now be Schulman, Lopez & Hoffer’s first Louisiana office, and with this move, we are becoming the only law firm with offices … Continue reading

LAPCS Webinar

LAPCS Webinar In case you missed it, I presented a webinar for the LAPCS this summer, regarding some Employment Law basics for charter schools.  This link will take you to a page asking for your name and e-mail address, after which you’ll have access to an audio recording and slide show of the presentation.  I’m … Continue reading

The NLRA Rights of At-Will Employees

At most charter schools, every employee is an “at-will” employee, not represented by any union.  While there are obvious pitfalls to avoid when firing such employees (e.g., actions that could lead to EEOC complaints regarding discrimination), one tricky area that has tripped up several charter operators does not receive as much thought – firing employees … Continue reading

About The Higgins Law Firm, LLC

Based in New Orleans, The Higgins Law Firm, LLC provides risk management services for Louisiana charter schools. Attorney Michael Higgins works with school leaders and school boards to ensure your staff and facility are protected—giving you peace of mind that helps you focus on offering the highest level of education to your students. Continue reading